Advertise. Best ROI of any Media!

The advantage Social Media has over traditional media is results… and of course, cost savings.
The Official Virginia Wine Lover eNewsletter goes out every month and each week to all who did not open the previous week.  Results in almost twice the industry average in opens.

Also, an eBlast can promote a single event or venue, instantly, reaching your market when they are prime.

Social media is cost efficient, faster and more targeted for greater exposure…and better results, too!

Compare Social Media to Traditional Media

Traditional Media takes a “shotgun” approach to advertising.

• TV: Expensive and costly. Cable has too many channels for a fixed budget.

• Radio: Too many stations.  How many listeners are interested in your product or service?

• Magazines: Readership and circulation is down dramatically. Most are bi-monthly or bi-annual and no longer timely.

• Newspapers: Demographic is skewed to 45-plus age group and readership is down dramatically.  Works best with large ads or small ads with lots               of frequency. Can be expensive.

• Direct Mail: Expensive, slow, and only as good as your mailing list.

• Outdoor: Works best for 25-mile radius of your location.  Need to reserve several billboards to be effective.

Public Relations: Only works if medium opts to use what you send. Moreover, to which media do you send your press release?

Targeted Social Media is the answer: 





• It works and it’s cost efficient.  Advertisers return for more results.

• Email open rate is almost double the industry average.

• Circulation is largest of any Virginia wine-related publication. Directed to           winery and brewery visitors; festival event attendees; culinary tourists;                 media; etc.

• Newsletter goes out every month like clockwork, followed by update on subsequent Tuesdays to subscribers who have not previously opened.



Customized and sent on date of your choice.

Repeat advertisers are proof of effectiveness.

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